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Best price guarantee and no booking fees

Best rate guaranteed

You get the best rate if you book directly and you pay exactly for what you reserve. There are no additional costs

More value for your money

More value for money

When you book directly, a hotel can offer you package deals and
complimentary perks such as free room upgrades

Best price guarantee and no booking fees

More flexibility

Hotels will often be more willing and able to help should you need to change your dates or even cancel when you book directly


Are you looking for a luxury hotel in beautiful Positano, a stylish hotel in the middle of iconic New York or maybe a stunning hotel at cosmopolitan Cape Town? We've got it all. We’ve carefully selected each of our hotels in total different destinations all over the world, and we ensure they’re all of a consistently high standard. We don’t settle for mediocre, we’d never accept anything less than luxury.

Where extraordinary comes as standard and every moment is an inspiration
Our tastes are simple, we are easily satisfied with the best
Staying in a luxury hotel offers a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of stress
Curiosity...that's what drives us all to seek out the best hotels and destinations
The world is huge, don't miss any of it
This isn’t just an escape, it’s the definition of enchantment
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page


Not sure whether you’d prefer to write your names in the sand on a tropical island, escape to the wilds on a safari, lose yourself in an exclusive jungle hideaway or enjoy a leisurely getaway at an elegant château, surrounded by sun-soaked vineyards? Whatever sort of break you have planned, check out these Stay in Style Travel hotel collections for inspiration.