About us

Stay in Style Travel is the place to inspire travelers with the most beautiful travel destinations and connect them with the best luxury hotels around the world. Book your stay directly at the own website of your chosen hotel for the best price and other exclusive benefits. Use the button "book now" on our website and you will be redirected to the hotel's own website.

When most people look for a hotel they will probably head to one of the big Online Travel Agencies (after this: OTAs) and search for the destination they wish to go. But once they have decided between a couple of hotels they will most likely go to the hotels own website. The two main reasons behind this are quite simple;

1. There is more information to be found on the hotels own website than on the OTA site. Customers can on the hotels website get a better feeling of what the rooms and the hotel look like and the facilities that the hotel provides.

2. Reserving directly with a hotel is the safest and best bet for reasons ranging from receiving special treatment, direct contact when something goes wrong, to the guaranteed best rate.

Because of our relationships with hotel owners and managers, many hotels in our collection offer guests personalized  service and the little extras that completes the stay of the guest of the hotel such as;

Complimentary room upgrades
Special requests often disappear into the background for OTAs bookings; based on availability, better rooms will usually be prioritized for those who book directly. Special demands such as connecting doors, a higher floor, one or two beds or a bigger room will not always follow through from the OTAs. Hotels offer the best rooms or provide free upgrades to those guests who booked directly with them because it makes more financial sense due to the fact that no commission they have to pay for such OTA’s or discount sites.

Loyalty program

It is very common today that hotels offer loyalty bonuses and even additional incentives for bookings made straight with the hotel. These can range from complementary Wi-Fi, food and beverage credits to upgrades and discounts on future stays. These deals and benefits can encourage you to book directly, since they’re not available through any third party.

More flexibility

When you book directly, hotels will often be more willing and able to help should you need to change your dates or even cancel, because they're not bound by some third-party deal. Reserving a hotel room through a third-party site can essentially create and lock in a contract for a stay, which can limit wiggle room for the guest and hotel staf. This also means that if you book directly, the hotel can do more to compensate a guest.

Other direct booking benefits from hotels can include some of the following. Before booking, check out if and what kind of perks the hotels are offering.

  • early check-in or late check-out;
  • free taxi or shuttle service;
  • welcome gifts;
  • a bottle of champagne waiting upon your arrival;
  • complimentary bottled water in your room;
  • free or reduced-fee parking on-site;
  • complimentary or discounted use of pay amenities, such spas, gyms, or bike rental;
  • free laundry service.

Note: There is no 100% guarentee that the hotels on our website will offer one of these above mentioned benefits.